Choosing a Place to Build a New Home

Choosing a place to build a new home

The first challenge of building your dream home is finding the perfect location to live. Think about the following factors when choosing a place to build a new home.

  • Climate – Choose a location that suits your family’s lifestyle and hobbies.
  • Size of the city or town – Do you enjoy small town life where everyone knows each other? Or do you prefer a big town with more privacy?
  • Real estate values – Check price trends of home’s in the city or town you are considering.
  • Taxes – Are the local real estate taxes, sales tax and income taxes affordable and reasonable?
  • Employment – Look into employment rates and opportunities in the surrounding areas to ensure there are options for your specific career type.
  • Education system – If you have children or plan to start a family be sure to check the statistics of the local education system.
  • Crime rates – Find crime rates online or by contacting the local police department.
  • Commute – Test the commute of any prospective city or town to your current job. Also consider the distance to airports and public transportation if necessary.
  • Healthcare availability – Is there healthcare within a reasonable distance to your desired location?

These are just a few things to think about when starting the home building process!   Visit our Pinterest page to see our home builder portfolio and start gathering ideas for your dream home!