Dormer Additions: The 5 Styles

Here we have listed the 5 types of dormer additions. Dormers are a great way to add sunlight, head space and architectural details to your home.  Which type of dormer addition is best for your home?

 Home additions cape cod ma riGable Dormer
Peaked at the top with a roof that slopes downward
Most popular style dormer
Look great on many home styles
Adds plenty of headroom and sunlight

home additions cape cod ma ri
Shed Dormer

Eave line is parallel to roof’s eave line
Adds height and width to living space
Simplest dormer style

home additions cape cod ma ri
Hipped Dormer
Found on homes with hipped roofs
Ideal for cottages, bungalows & American Foursquare

Home additions cape cod ma ri
Eyebrow Dormer
Adds architectural detail & sunlight
Half circle or triangle shaped

home additions cape cod ma ri
Segmental Dormer
Arched roof dormer

Looking to add living space, sunlight or architectural details to your home? Not sure which dormer addition is right for your home? Visit our Pinterest boards for more photos and ideas! Then, call us to schedule a free estimate!