Energy Efficient Products for Your New Home

Energy efficient products for your new home can help you save money while making your home more sustainable. Consider these green products before you build your new home.
Energy Efficient Products for Your New HomeThermal windows will help you save money on energy bills in your new home. These windows usually have two to three panes of glass with insulating Argon gas between each pane. In the summer these thermal windows stop most of the sun’s heat from increasing your indoor temperature. During the winter, the windows will keep your heat from escaping your new home. Our window recommendation is Harvey’s line of vinyl windows.
Energy Efficient Products for Your New HomeFiberglass Doors manufactured by Therma-Tru have a solid polyurethane foam core for improved energy efficiency. Therma-Tru entry doors and patio doors are made with energy-efficient glass that is triple-paned for reduced heat flow. Therma-Tru doors and glass work together with weatherstrip to create a tighter seal which means reduced air leakage around door edges.
Energy Efficient Products for Your New HomeGAF Cool Roof Shingles will help keep your home cooler during the summer. Reflective shingle technology will reduce attic temperatures– which means spending less on air conditioning. Depending on your home’s specific property, geography, and the season – a cool roof may save you between 7-15% of overall cooling costs. Cool Series Shingles use specially designed roofing granules that have superior reflectance than traditional shingles. This results in less transfer of heat to the space beneath. A cool roof reduces the solar heat gain of a building by first reflecting incoming sun rays and then by swiftly re-emitting the remaining absorbed portion. Consequently, the cool roof stays cooler than a traditional roof.
Energy Efficient Products for Your New HomeMastic Insulated Siding offers the Structure Home Insulation System™ to increase your home’s energy efficiency and lower your energy needs. The insulating is superior to other siding choices because it has a higher R-value.

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