Evaluating Land Features for Home Building

evaluating land for home building

Evaluating land features for home building is key to saving time and money.  The most important land features to evaluate include the following:

Slope – Land that is slightly sloped (less than 10% grade) or flat is best for building. If you are purchasing land that is above a 20% grade you will likely need to invest in leveling the land before building.

Water – Hire a civil engineer to professionally evaluate the land for possible surface and subsurface water.

Soil Type – Granular soils include any combination of silt, sand or gravel and are the best soils to build on because they drain well and have high load-bearing capabilities. Clays are generally more difficult to build on and require bringing in granular soil or require building expensive engineered foundations. Building on ledge is can be difficult if the site requires blasting.

Evaluating land features for home building requires the help of experienced professionals.  Consider hiring a civil engineer, environmental engineer or another trained professional before purchasing any land for home building.

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