Planning a Garage Addition

Planning a garage addition means you’ll have to do some research and make some decisions on how you plan to use the garage. Whether you are looking to keep dry, require more storage space, need room for a workshop or whatever your needs – a garage addition is a smart idea.
garage builders cape cod ma riConsider these tips when planning a garage addition for your home:

  • Research your city or town’s specific zoning requirements to determine if you have space to build a garage on your property.  A legitimate contractor will know these requirements and can discuss them with you at the preliminary consultation.
  • Decide between an attached or detached garage based on how you will be using the garage. If you plan to use the garage as a space to work on maintaining vehicles you might want a detached garage in order to reduce the noise and fumes near the home. If you want your garage to be an extension of your home to use as storage or a mudroom space you might choose to build an attached garage.
  • Measure your vehicles and determine what else you will be storing in the garage to define your size requirements.
  • Be sure to properly scale the size of the garage to compliment the home rather than overwhelming the home.

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