Protecting your Southcoast, MA Home

If you are heading out of town for the weekend or a month consider these tips for protecting your Southcoast, MA home from intruders.

protecting your southcoast, ma home


  • Maintain Landscaping – Keep trees, hedges and landscaping well maintained to ensure burglars don’t have a place to hide. If you are going away for over a week be sure to hire someone to mow your lawn so it doesn’t appear that the house has been vacant.
  • Light it up – Buy timers for indoor lights and use motion activated lights outside.
  • Hold the mail – Have the post office hold your mail while you are gone, or ask a friend or neighbor to collect it for you. An overstuffed mailbox and a week’s worth of newspapers in your driveway is a flag that no one has been home.
  • Be neighborly – Talk to your close neighbors and let them know that you will be away so they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. Also give them your contact information in case they need to get in touch with you.
  • Hide your valuables – Close curtains or shades before locking up your home so thieves can’t see inside your home.
  • Check locks – Make sure your window and door locks are in good condition.  Consider adding deadbolts to doors for added security.

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