Universal Design Home Building

Universal design home building is becoming more prevalent in new construction and custom built homes.  Many people are choosing to build new homes that can accommodate all ages and physical requirements.

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  • Single floor living is a smart way to ensure you and your loved ones can remain in the home for as long as possible. Designing a universal design floor plan should at least consist of one bedroom, bathroom, living area, kitchen and dining area on the first floor.
  • Zero-step entrances are an important aspect to building a universal design home. All entry doors, thresholds, doorways and decks should be built so they are manageable for walkers, wheelchairs and strollers.
  • All thermostats, electrical outlets and light switches are to be placed within arm’s reach for anyone in a wheelchair. Motion sensor lights outside and inside might also be a smart addition to your home design.
  • Universal design bathrooms can be functional and still stylish! Choose a wall-mounted sink with open space below it, hand-held shower heads, grab bars, benches and a threshold free stall shower.
  • Universally accessible appliances should be installed for ease of access. Front load washing machines and dryers are the best choice.  A stove with front controls are necessary to prevent burns and to be able to safely prepare food.  Side-by-side refrigerators are a smart choice too.

Universal home design is a great choice no matter your age or current situation. You can build a universal design home that will be safe and stylish forever. Visit our Universal Design Pinterest page for more ideas!